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E03: Sexual Expression from a Soul Perspective with Jerome Braggs

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Coming into closer alignment with the soul, and fully embodying ourselves are a couple of the highest pursuits in this life. This is according to today's special guest, Jerome Braggs. Jerome is an intuitive healer who brings kindness, awareness, love, and honesty to his work with clients, and into his everyday life too! Having Jerome on the podcast is truly an honor and listeners can expect to come away from this episode refreshed and inspired to delve deeper into their purpose and find more meaningful joy and pleasure in the world around them. In our conversation, Jerome unpacks how to understand the human soul, and how true pleasure anchors the soul in the body. We also get into how to shut out the external noise that can distract us from our inner truth and soul's message. Other topics covered include how to understand illness, why retreat and silence are so important, the power of sex, and how to better connect with what is truly pleasurable. Jerome is such a gifted speaker and has so many amazing juicy bits of wisdom to share with all of our listeners, so make sure not to miss this episode!


Key Points from This Episode:


•    Jerome explains what he means by the words 'soul' and 'source'. 

•    Ways to get more in tune with the soul; Jerome talks about the importance of unpacking and releasing. 

•    The specifics about retreating and what it means to take a step back from culture.

•    The metaphor of the caterpillar, the cocoon, and the butterfly, and the lessons to take from it. 

•    How illness and brushes with death can wake us up, and how to respond to the call.   

•    Mistakes in bed; a few pointers from Jerome on a better understanding of sex.  

•    How pleasure relates to the soul and body; a mechanism for anchoring ourselves.

•    Recontextualizing the message of illness and why it's something we should listen to. 

•    Prioritizing what is important to us; Jerome's experiences during his near-death experience. 

•    Understanding the presence of God during sexual intercourse. 

•    Why pleasure should never be a source of shame and how to separate the two. 

•    Self-care and desire; Jerome explains why clouded judgment leads to confusion. 

•    Embodying the self and why this is so attractive to others. 

•    Where to find Jerome online and how to make use of his amazing offers! 


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