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#20 Webcam Cover Eyebloc ® Inventor - CJ Isakow

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

“Eyebloc” Magnetic webcam cover’s Inventor, CJ Isakow, discusses his pitch to Shark Tank and experience as a serial Entrepreneur. 

His past experience includes the launch of, which has risen to hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and financing.

In 1975, the first portable computer was created by IBM and weighed 55 pounds. 

Bill Moggridge designed the first laptop in modern form in 1979-80 and released it in 1982. 

Since then, it has evolved into the lightweight, high speed processor laptops we know today.

IBM’s ThinkPad was the first modern laptop with a built-in camera created in 1996, but was not popular as it was very expensive. 

By the turn of the 21st century, it  became more common for webcam-integrated laptops. 

One unintended consequence of the built-in webcam was the risk of hackers, as malware allowed them to turn on a user’s webcam without their knowledge, now known as "camfecting". 

In 2013, Eyebloc sought to combat this widespread issue by creating a magnetic webcam cover. Inventor and Founder CJ Isakow developed the company into what it is today. 

In its early development, Eyebloc's design began as a clip to attach to a laptop that would cover the camera. 

By 3D printing a prototype of the design, he was then featured on Shark Tank to present the product to investors. 

He then obtained a design patent and trademark with the USPTO.

Prior to Eyebloc, consumers used informal solutions, such as paper and tape, to cover their webcams. 

In 2018, Isakow also purchased a utility patent of a similar webcam cover, Isakow was able to grow his company, popularizing the computer accessory. 

Today, Eyebloc is available to purchase on its company website and on Amazon. 

Although his idea began as a simple solution to a problem he recognized, he was determined to turn it into reality with his knowledge as an engineer and businessman. 

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