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#13 How To Overcome Countless Obstacles - Shower Shirt® - Lisa Crites

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Lisa created The SHOWER SHIRT® to serve as a protective garment for breast cancer and chest surgery patients. 

Before inventing The SHOWER SHIRT®, Lisa, a breast cancer survivor, would be forced to shower in a plastic bag after her bilateral mastectomy surgery.

Lisa says that what inspired her innovation was dealing with the discomfort of trying to shower post-op. 

Crites acted as her own research team, using her multiple surgeries after her diagnosis to test out prototypes for her invention. 

She says that this along with doing sufficient research about her product was probably some of the biggest obstacles faced. 

“It was really important for me to be able to educate my audience about my product.”

Lisa also talks about how she didn’t have many cheerleaders at the start of her journey but that never stopped her from continuing the process. 

She was passionate about her product and knew it had the potential to serve so many people. 

Despite encountering countless obstacles, Crites received her patent in 2011 and The SHOWER SHIRT® is a multiple-time award-winning invention. 

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