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Women in Leadership - Part 1

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Join us at Grays Peak Strategies for an inspiring conversation on our latest podcast episode, dedicated to women in leadership. In this captivating discussion, we had the honor of hosting IV-D Director Erin Frisch from Michigan and Federal Office of Child Support Services Commissioner Tanguler Gray. Reflecting on our experiences from participating in Women in Leadership panels over the past year, we dive deep into the rewards and insights gained from sharing our journeys. From breaking barriers to fostering diversity, women are instrumental in shaping the future of leadership. As leaders in our fields, we share our hopes for the next generation and discuss the importance of empowerment and creating opportunities for growth. Despite challenges such as gender bias and imposter syndrome, we offer strategies for navigating them. Tune in for valuable insights, inspiration, and advice as we celebrate women in leadership and pave the way for greater equality and empowerment. 

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