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Unlocking the Power of Giving Back

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

In this world where we tend to wear stress and being busy as a badge of honor, taking time out of work and family life to volunteer easy to overlook the profound impact that volunteering can have on both individuals and communities. From fostering a sense of purpose to building strong social connections, the benefits of volunteering are limitless. That idea that volunteering can be worth the time and effort even if you have a lot of other responsibilities is the focus of this edition of Community Table Talk from News from the Peak. I’m excited for you to hear from our esteemed panel of superpower women, Veronica Riley an owner and founder of her own consulting and training company, Stefanie Jones my best friend and the President and Founder of a successful public relation company, Feed Media, Tricia Harper, a Lead Partner for KPMG, and Janice Neal a lead consultant for Grays Peak Strategies. 

Join us as we talk to our guests to uncover the transformative power of giving back. Through engaging discussions and inspiring stories we'll delve into the many ways volunteering enriches our lives and strengthens the fabric of our communities.

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