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Title IX - Part 2, an interview with Pam Gagel

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

(Intro by the host, Maureen Leif) I met Pam back when I was a Deputy District Attorney working on the child support docket. She was Magistrate Gagel back then and she was hearing the child support cases. As she tells the story, we would often go at each other (in jest) because I felt like she could be lenient. In hindsight, she was always right! Pam and my colleague Emily and I would go to dinner when Pam left the bench, and it was always a fun way to connect and talk about our profession lives. From the time that I first met Pam she would talk about her work on a Title IX case Roberts v Colorado State University[1]. You can hear the passion and impact of Title IX in Pam’s voice when I ask her about her experience and what it means to her all these years later. All people, young and old, need to understand and appreciate the hard work, dedication, long hours and sacrifices made to bring Title IX into being. It is about more than just sports and had a broader impact than most people realize.

[1] Roberts

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