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Discussing Self Service Options with David Kilgore

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

David Kilgore serves as the Director of the California Department of Child Support Services. At a recent Western Intergovernmental Child Support conference, David participated in a session called “the World Café”. At this session, the audience could choose various tables around the room where a discussion leader would talk to them about an innovative, or sometimes controversial topics related to the Child Support Program. 


David led the table discussing something he’s been working on in California for quite a while; enhancing Self Service options for people. Of course, this leads to all kinds of other issues, like public awareness of the program, how to address the needs of families in the context of what is required, and how this might lead to a more effective and more successful program overall. 

 So on today’s show, we dig a little deeper into the subject of self service, and explore some really interesting ideas.

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