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what would you say to your inner child about body positivity? with Zoë Bisbing, LCSW

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Today we’ve enlisted Zoë Bisbing, an eating disorder therapist, activist, mother of three and co-founder of @fullbloomproject to talk about body positive parenting skills and inner child work.

If you’ve ever felt like you *WANT* to be body positive (so you can push back on the very diet culture that hurt you!)…but struggle to feel positive about YOUR OWN larger or changing body, you’re not alone.

We talk about where the disconnect between your body positive heart and mind, why it's so hard to heal from past diet trauma, and what you can do to move forward, while preventing harm to others around you.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The difference between your body genetics and body ancestry on body positivity
  • What it takes for the word “fat” to become a neutral descriptor if you have a history of bullying, shame, and trauma around the word “fat”
  • Creative techniques to approach your own reparenting, or inner child work, around food and body image, especially if you didn’t have a body positive parent yourself!
  • How to create a body positive environment for kids you encounter: as a parent, aunt, or, anyone close to young people!

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