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what would it take for doctors to stop focusing on weight? with Dr. Maggie Landes, MD

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

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Today on the podcast Melissa interviews Dr. Maggie Landes - board-certified physician, public health nutritionist, and anti-diet wellness expert who specializes in educating health professionals and their patients about the Health at Every Size model of care. Through her Pro2Pro services, Maggie supports other health professionals to participate in, and promote, a weight-inclusive approach to their clinical practice. Which is why she was the *perfect* person to ask: what would it take for doctors to stop focusing on weight?

We talk:

  • Maggie’s “a-ha” moment that moved her toward the Health at Every Size practice
  • What doctors are learn (and don’t learn) about nutrition and weight during their medical training
  • The harms of medical weight stigma, and how to protect yourself as a patient
  • How grassroots and top-down efforts can work to change access to weight inclusive health care

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