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15 Sekunden vorwärts
NOTE - I have cut out the first 09:40 to get rid of the glitchy video. Workshops NYC: Los Angeles: Our best video ever: Enter your PUPPIES shot at NEWS Canon 6D mkii announced Gitzo celebrates 100th anniversary with two special edition traveller tripods Zeiss announces Milvus 35mm f/1.4 Tamron unveils worlds first 18-400mm lens Pricing announced for new sigma 24-70 and 14mm Lexar memory cards discontinued as parent company closes retail division Caltech researchers design lenseless camera Maths to replace lens - "can switch from a fish-eye to a telephoto lens instantaneously—with just a simple adjustment in the way the array receives light” Tamron 24-70 announced - 5 stops of stabilisation CIPA TOG OF WEEK Name - Austin Hale Location - New York CIty URL - Genre - Landscapes/cityscapes, headshots, proposals/engagements GEAR we usually film with... This main camera: This 2nd camera: This Drone: This tripod outdoor: This GIANT TRIPOD in studio: These Lav Mics: This is my travel photo tripod: This is the gear we typically film videos with - leave a question if you have a specific question about this video, or see all of Matt's Gear: Get Your Gear Out! Check out my downloadable video series: Intimate Portraiture series: Take Control of The Light: The Business of Photography: Educating Tina: Kickstart Your Photography 6 month course: All of my travel, tours & workshops: My SEAFOOD Channel: Merch: Mailing List: Ethics and Conduct statement: Subscribe HERE: Subscribe for News: Google Plus: Community Forum: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Official Website: Please check out my art nude photography books Private Bodies: Public Bodies: ___ Adorama: B&H Photo: Amazon USA: Amazon UK: Amazon Germany: Australia:

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