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#2: How to Start a Holding Company, How to Hire and How to Incentivize Employees

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15 Sekunden vorwärts


(1:02) How can I become a Tiny Foundation Fellow?

(2:39) How do I turn my music production website into my full-time job?

(6:05) Should I focus more on my agency or go all-in on my SaaS business?

(11:20) Does the founder staying or leaving a company affect it? Best predictor of an operator’s success?

(15:25) How do you go about finding executives?

(20:21) Why does Castro omit conservative podcasts from the list of podcasts users can subscribe to?

(21:11) Opinions on my startup and pitch?

(24:53) How would you have created a positive outcome for Flow?

(28:57) How do I find a CEO to run my businesses independently?

(32:27) To both of you: What is actually your favorite hobby outside of anything work related? Is it typically (w/o covid) a group activity or something on your own? Thanks!

(34:23) Should I start my own company or look for a job?

(38:20 Why did you build Capital Daily as an investigative journalism newsletter?

(41:18) How and why did you decide to do Tiny as a holding company?

(44:40) How do I best incentivize my COO?

(48:00) What’s the best way to learn how to be a good operator?

(51:35) How would you recommend balancing early free customers vs. paid for a B2B SaaS company?

(53:13) Can you please explain the scout system in detail. Thank you!


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