The Wedding Film School Show podcast

The Wedding Film School Show

Jason McCutchen, Jared Haskell

If you are a Wedding Filmmaker then the Wedding Film School Show is for you. Hosted by Jason McCutchen and Jared Haskell of Stopgolove and Huxley Film, we dive into the depths of how to run a wedding filmmaking biz in the wedding industry. From gear talk, to industry interviews, to straight up mathy business topics, we cover a lot of ground. Give us a subscribe and let us know what you want hear about next!

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  • The Wedding Film School Show podcast

    The Value of Critique and Contests | Live @ WPPI 2021


    The truth hurts, but the truth will set you free too. We explore the phenomena of artists critiquing the work of other artists, talk about the difference between "contest cuts" and "client cuts", and over all just hangout in Las Vegas at WPPI 2021. 
  • The Wedding Film School Show podcast

    Trends We LOVE. Trends We HATE | Live @ WPPI 2021


    Wedding Filmmaking is going to the next level. That's for sure! Jared, Jason, and Bobby recently spent some time at WPPI watching the live judging for the annual film competition and walked away very impressed. There were some amazing films! Despite all this awesomeness, between the weekly LIVE film critiques on WFS Live and the WPPI contest they noticed a few trends they really love and a few trends that, let's just say, need a little improvement. 
  • The Wedding Film School Show podcast

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  • The Wedding Film School Show podcast

    Quit Your Day Job


    How do you know WHEN the time is right to quit that other job and go full-time in wedding filmmaking. In this episode we dive into THREE milestones in your wedding filmmaking biz you can use to determine if the time is right for you to go FULL-TIME as a wedding filmmaker!
  • The Wedding Film School Show podcast

    Don't Quit Your Day Job


    The age old question in the creative world "When should I go full-time" is one many of us have wrestled with. For some, the decision to take the plunge was easy and obvious (at least to our mind) but to others it may have been a little tricky, but let's be honest... Is it all it's cracked up to be? For many of you the truth is, it MAY not be the right choice for YOU. In this episode we dig into a few reasons why, for many people, going full-time in wedding filmmaking may not be the end-all-be-all. Let's explore! 
  • The Wedding Film School Show podcast

    John Bunn and Nick Miller | "How To Film Weddings"


    GET $25 OFF CALIBRATE WORKSHOP BY USING OUR CODE WFS25 : www.calibrateworkshop.comJohn and Nick are the wedding filmmakers behind one of our industries best podcasts, How to Film Weddings. In this episode we talk through their journey, what it's like to be a creator telling other creators How To Film Weddings and the insecurities that creates in how John and Nick Film Weddings, why you should be intentional building your wedding filmmaking biz, and  all about the amazing online workshop John and Nick are putting on in August 2021. 
  • The Wedding Film School Show podcast

    Perfectly Imperfect | Ryan Browne from Forged in the North |


    Ryan Brown and Forged in the North have carved a unique position out in the wedding filmmaking landscape. This NYC based team creates messy, fun, personal, and incredible wedding films shooting primarily handheld. In this episode we dig into why authenticity is the true key to making “cool” films and some basic tips to bring that edge to your films. 
  • The Wedding Film School Show podcast

    Creative Fulfillment And Shooting Weddings


    We have all been there. The feeling that it's "just another wedding" and the frustration that it's just not "fun anymore". In this episode we dive into this problem (it's actually a good sign, by the way) how we can lean into the good side of a creative rut (efficiency and predictability are good for business) while still allowing that fire for creating and challenging ourselves to burn bright. 
  • The Wedding Film School Show podcast

    Are Wedding Films "Real Art"?


    What is “art”? Can you make art and not truly express your individuality? Do you need to express individuality? What is life? Is a hot dog a sandwich? Why, god? Why? 
  • The Wedding Film School Show podcast

    Why Team Building Is Essential For Wedding Filmmakers | Your Business Plan Sucks Part.8 | Episode #21


    Team building is a buzz word in our industry, and most people exclusively mean adding scale by adding additional teams for shooting MORE weddings but the truth is your team is so much more. Team-building is a part of EVERY wedding creative professionals business, not just studios with large teams. We all need other people involved in our business to help it be it's best.
  • The Wedding Film School Show podcast

    Your Budget SUCKS | Your Business Plan Sucks | Part 7


    The annual budget... Let's face it. Most wedding creatives don't spend enough, if any, time on this. We just kinda go for it! If the goal is simply work more or. work less and get paid more (both make the same amount btw) then this can be ok, but what if the goal is "Actually be profitable!" What if you wanted to know how much you made per package or how much you are still paying per package sold on Gera bought three years ago? Without a good budget this can be impossible. Jared and Jason breakdown why creatives can and SHOULD have awesome budgets and why this is essential to their happiness as a business owner. Enjoy, if you can, a podcast about budgeting. And the people rejoiced. 

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