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Ep. 18 | The National Damnation Agreement: Negotiations and Elections with Maduro (with Zach Foster)

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

In this episode, we discuss the Juan Guaidó-led Venezuelan opposition's "National Salvation Agreement" and their recent decision to enter ongoing negotiations with representatives of the Maduro regime (include Nicolás Maduro's son) in Mexico, as well as the decision to participate in local and regional elections to be held in November of this year.

Like most Venezuelans, both in the country and abroad, we remain skeptical of further dialogue and negotiations with the Maduro regime, and much more so of participating in elections in a dictatorship. In the past, the regime has repeatedly used negotiations as a stalling tactic, further dividing the political opposition and distracting the international community. Election results in Venezuela are rigged or not honored by the regime, paving the way for the dictatorship's current usurpation of institutions to begin with.

Zach Foster is the host of Latin Libertarians TV, hosted by the Libertarian Party of the United States, and helps operate the Citizens' Embassy of Venezuela.

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