The ”Selling Made Easy” Show for Entrepreneurs podcast

Featuring Katie Donlevie, Coach & Founder of Revive and Thrive Coaching

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Meet the force behind Revive and Thrive Coaching, Katie Donlevie! 🌟 More than just a coach, Katie is a relentless advocate for those facing the hurdles of chronic illness and pain. Drawing from over 15 years of firsthand experience with a chronic condition, she doesn't just talk the talk; she's walked the walk.

But that's not all! Katie is the vibrant host of the "My Chronic Illness and Me" podcast, where she dives deep into real, raw conversations. It's not just about illnesses and conditions; it's about experiences, life, and connecting on a whole new level.

Her mission? To create an inclusive haven for those navigating chronic illness and pain, making sure every story is heard. Through coaching, podcasting, and community building, Katie is on a quest to educate, empower, and help individuals rediscover themselves in the midst of health challenges.

Learn more about Katie Donlevie at and be sure to follow her on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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