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Being Intentional - Jorge Quezada

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Welcome to the ‘Being Intentional’ episode where Jorge Quezada, VP of People and Culture at Granite Construction is my special guest. Listen in as he shares his insights on building Diversity Equity and Inclusion to impact both the Candidate Experience and Employee Experience.

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Chuck Solomon

Host of The Candidate Experience Podcast

This episode was recorded in early January 2022 and was originally released on January 14, 2022.


Jorge Quezada via LinkedIN

Careers at Granite Construction

Construction DEI Talks Podcast, the DEI podcast focused on the Construction industry

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Chuck Solomon

Hey, Jorge, how are you this morning?

Jorge Quezada

Oh, Chuck, I'm doing great. How are you doing today?

Chuck Solomon

Good. I appreciate you getting up early. You're on West Coast time. Correct? Correct. Joining me, I hope you've had at least some caffeine already.

Jorge Quezada

Yes, sure. Have. You know, I'm an early riser. And so I love having conversations early in the morning. To me, they're the best ones. Yeah.

Chuck Solomon

Well, good today. I'm really thrilled to have you here, Jorge. And we're going to focus in on DEI diversity, equity and inclusion as a very important topic. And I think your experts speak well about this to my listeners. But before we get started, can you just tell listeners a little bit about yourself, your role and the company you work for?

Jorge Quezada

Sure. So thank you for that. And thank you for having me on your podcast here...

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