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The Beauty of It All S02 E05 – Skin Deep

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

Over the last few years the skin positivity movement has given a voice to people with skin conditions that had previously been barely talked about, let alone seen. From acne journeys, to rosacea selfies, it’s a movement that is changing the way we think about what we see in the mirror. We talk with Olivia Bowen, the former Love Island star who is passionate about sharing her skin journey online, Lex Gillies aka Talonted Lex, the award winning blogger and skin positivity campaigner who has shone a light on what it’s like to live with rosacea, also on the episode is Shankar Jalota - @thevitiligoman discussing his journey with vitiligo - and one of the UK’s leading dermatologists and author of The Skincare Bible, Dr Anjali Mahto.

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