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Talking Stocks - A Bright Spot of High Inflation, "Knowing Thyself", More Recent Trades, & 8 Top Stocks

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

We're always working hard at Limelight Alpha to give you some great content and ideas - this week's episode is no exception! Here's our agenda:

- A silver lining of 6% inflation - 6% higher Social Security payouts! Todd explains how some of our older (but young at heart) listeners may benefit next year.

- Our investing style(s) - We have a discussion about where on the investing "spectrum" we fall: daytrader, swing/cyclical trader, or long-term holder.

- Then we dive into some of our trades over the past week. Todd was busy buying and selling!

- Finally, a back-and-forth of 8 high-scoring stocks for you to check out heading into next week.

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