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*Preview* The Supply Chains

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

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Supply chains are undergoing a well-publicized shock right now. But the root of the crisis goes much further than the current pandemic.

The structure and functioning of supply chains was *as a result of* a search for lower costs. This led capitalists to shift much of production to developing countries. The inevitable result is a complex and long supply chain system which is sensitive to sudden shocks. This does not mean, however, that the entire system will be brought down. In fact, even accounting for regular crisis like the current one, the way supply chains are structured have more advantages for capitalism than drawbacks.

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    The Great Reset - Book Review


    *We're releasing this episode recorded for our monthly reading group due to the large amount of interest in the subject.*   Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret have been accused of being globalists and supervillians . We investigate the charge by carefully reviewing their book "COVID-19: The Great Reset" (i.e. Exhibit A) The truth will shock you...
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    Post Pandemic Leninism?


    In this, the final episode of the year, we take at this article from the Morning Star and ask whether it represents a reflection of Lenin's thought?   Thanks to all listeners for supporting the show over the last year!  We'll back week beginning January 10th! 
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    COVID in Paris w/ Dr. Laurent Mucchielli


    We speak with sociologist and research director at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), the largest basic research institute in Europe. Dr. Mucchielli has been critical of France's COVID authoritarianism since the start of the pandemic, and has written and co-signed numerous open letters denouncing the unnecessary and repressive nature of the COVID protocols in France and beyond. He also has co-authored an analysis of deaths as reported by various countries' drug surveillance organizations. This analysis, entitled "An Unprecedented Mortality" led him and his co-authors to call for a moratorium of the vaccination campaign. This article was censored, but you can find an archived version here (in French): We speak to him about his view of the pandemic, the French protest movement, his political analysis of the situation, and more.
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    Interview with Poligraf Red


    We sat down with Tania and Anton from the Belarusian Marxist organisation Poligraf Red to discuss both historical and current events in their country and the former wider ex Soviet states.  Our discussion covers everything from the Gorbachev years, the role of the intellectuals in the counter revolution, the restoration of capitalism in Belarus, the nature of the Lukashenko regime and much more.  You can find more details about Poligraf Red on their website and you can also find them on youtube
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    End of Year Q&A Part 1


    Full episode available here: We talk about the recent British vote to implement vaccine passes, the Trotsky vs Stalin debate, "patriotic socialism" and more.
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    Major Workers' Struggle in Spain w/ Jorge Martin


    We sit with Jorge Martin of to learn about the recent metalworkers' strike in Cadiz, and why it is a pivotal moment for the Spanish working class.  An article with more information about this here: Another perspective:
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    Questions of Data - Interview with Norman Fenton


    This week we spoke with Professor Norman Fenton of Queen Mary University, London, to discuss the use and misuse of statistics by governments during the last two years.  We cover the tricks governments have pulled over the presentation of data of infections, the farce regarding testing and vaccine efficacy.  It's a very interesting discussion and we encourage listeners to read the articles mentioned in the interview which are linked to below. Episode image is from the 1985 film 'Brazil' Directed by Terry Gilliam
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    *Preview* The Trade Unions and Critical Race Theory


    We look at a recent decision by a local of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (a high school teachers' union in Ontario, Canada) which implemented weighted voted system based on race categories. Some news coverage here:
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    Climate Change (Part 2) *Unlocked*


    In this second part of our climate change episode (now unocked for general release) we look at the dubious origins of "green" policy such as "cap  & trade", why so many Marxists have bought into the climate change  narrative and conclude by examining Marx & Engels views on humans  place within nature.
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    Climate Change (Part 1)


    This is the part one of what will be a two part episode on the science, politics and political economy of climate change.  In this episode we look at the questions regarding the conventional narrative on climate change, the problems with "the science" and why this has come to be adopted by the advanced captialist nations.   Part 2 will be released next week. 

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