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News and analysis podcast from a Marxist perspective hosted by Alexander Mckay and Leila Mechoui

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    Interview with Angela Nagle Part 2 *Unlocked*


    We're releasing the second part of our discussion with Angela Nagle from back in May of this year.  In the second part of our interview with Angela we discuss the stunted development of Irish capitalism, the inter-imperialist rivalry between the USA and China as well as the impact of the Covid year on art and culture. Be sure to subscribe to Angela's substack page:
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    *Preview* - October AMA Part 2


    Here's a preview of part 2 of our AMA episode.  In this one we go everywhere from how "cultural appropriation" is bull shit to the role of the petit bourgeoisie to our favourite tobacco.  Enjoy!
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    Election Fever! German Edition


    Following the recent Federal elections in Germany Michael Burkhardt returned to Red Star Radio to discuss the results.  We talk about the legacy of Merkel, the Greens, the fall of Die Linke, the German version of Tony Blair and the covid regime.  
  • Red Star Radio podcast

    October AMA *Preview*


    This is a preview of Part 1 of our October AMA.  For the full episode subscribe at our patreon page
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    Australia's Crazy COVID-19 Response w/ Nicolas Hausdorf


    Nicolas Hausdorf, writer and resident of Melbourne, joins us to give us the inside scoop on Australia's COVID-19 response. Are things as bad as they seem? Listen to find out. Mentioned in the show: Nicolas' review of Benjamin Bratton's book, Revenge of the Unreal
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    *Preview* "Postmodern" Nationalisms


    Full episode available to Patrons: We use the sub-nationalisms of Quebec and Scotland to understand nationalism theory and nation-building in the postmodern era. We contend that nationalisms in our current postmodern period are predominantly led by the petite bourgeoisie, in contrast to the ones of the past led by the bourgeoisie. We ask: Can a nation-building projects led by the petite bourgeoisie be successful? What value do they have to an internationalist socialist project? Mentioned in the show: Imagined Communities, book by Benedict Anderson Show on Aufhebunga Bunga podcast on Scottish independence: 
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    Party Conference Spectacular!


    We attempt to analyse the unholy circus that is the party conference  season in Britain!  We ask if Boris has run out of slogans? Has Keir  Starmer run out of time? Does anyone in the cabint have a brain? What is  the mythical beast known as the "Socialist Campaign Group"? And what do  you call a reformist without reforms? All this and more!    The article referenced regarding the governments NHS "reforms" can be found here
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    *Preview* The Slow Death of the American Labor Movement


    Full episode available for patrons: We investigate the reasons why the American labour movement is so disorganized, with a particular focus on the McCarthyist attacks on working class militants during the post-WWII period.
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    The Great Gramscian Moments of Brexit and COVID w/ George Hoare


    We sat down with George Hoare, co-host of the Aufhebunga bunga podcast, to look at Brexit and COVID-19 using Gramsci's concepts of historic bloc and hegemony as guides.  Check out George's first book: An Introduction to Antonio Gramsci: His Life, Thought and Legacy And his latest book: The End of the End of History: Politics in the Twenty-First Century Mentioned in the show: The Full Brexit Blog
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    The 2021 Canadian Federal Elections


    Leila and Alex review the 2021 re-election of a Canadian minority Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau and take a look at the broader political economy of Canada.

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