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*Preview* The Slow Death of the American Labor Movement

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Full episode available for patrons:

We investigate the reasons why the American labour movement is so disorganized, with a particular focus on the McCarthyist attacks on working class militants during the post-WWII period.

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    Climate Change (Part 2) *Unlocked*


    In this second part of our climate change episode (now unocked for general release) we look at the dubious origins of "green" policy such as "cap  & trade", why so many Marxists have bought into the climate change  narrative and conclude by examining Marx & Engels views on humans  place within nature.
  • Red Star Radio podcast

    Climate Change (Part 1)


    This is the part one of what will be a two part episode on the science, politics and political economy of climate change.  In this episode we look at the questions regarding the conventional narrative on climate change, the problems with "the science" and why this has come to be adopted by the advanced captialist nations.   Part 2 will be released next week. 
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    *Preview* The Supply Chains


    Full episode here: Supply chains are undergoing a well-publicized shock right now. But the root of the crisis goes much further than the current pandemic. The structure and functioning of supply chains was *as a result of* a search for lower costs. This led capitalists to shift much of production to developing countries. The inevitable result is a complex and long supply chain system which is sensitive to sudden shocks. This does not mean, however, that the entire system will be brought down. In fact, even accounting for regular crisis like the current one, the way supply chains are structured have more advantages for capitalism than drawbacks.
  • Red Star Radio podcast

    The Rittenhouse Trial & A Question on Socially Necessary Labor


    We look at the bourgeois media circus surrounding the Rittenhouse trial and ask, why the concept of a fair trial is so alien to many these days? Why are liberals so keen to jettison universalist standards? And who bares responsibility for the riots last year? On side 2 we take a question of socially necessary labor from a listener and look at how the employers manipulate conscientious workers.
  • Red Star Radio podcast

    Towards a Democratic Socialism?


    Full episode here: Did you know that modern-day democratic socialism finds its theoretical roots in the thoughts of the French-Greek Marxist political theorist Nicos Poulantzas? In this episode, we talk about one of Poulantzas' later essays "Towards a Democratic Socialism" and give our two cents on whether we can truly win communism through purely democratic means. Essay here: 
  • Red Star Radio podcast

    Inflation! Or The Economic Consequences of Mr Biden.


    Is inflation back?  Is the solution spending more or less? Why are  leftist influencers invested in denying it? What are Hayek &  Friedman right about? What is the point of Kyle Kulinski? All of this  and more will be explained as we dive into the questions of inlfation,  what causes it and what can the Marxist method teach us about it?
  • Red Star Radio podcast

    *Preview* An Evergrande Old Time


    Full episode available to patrons: We cover the drama happening around the Evergrande developer group in China, and give our two cents as to whether this spells the end of capitalism in China as we know it.
  • Red Star Radio podcast

    Interview with Angela Nagle Part 2 *Unlocked*


    We're releasing the second part of our discussion with Angela Nagle from back in May of this year.  In the second part of our interview with Angela we discuss the stunted development of Irish capitalism, the inter-imperialist rivalry between the USA and China as well as the impact of the Covid year on art and culture. Be sure to subscribe to Angela's substack page:
  • Red Star Radio podcast

    *Preview* - October AMA Part 2


    Here's a preview of part 2 of our AMA episode.  In this one we go everywhere from how "cultural appropriation" is bull shit to the role of the petit bourgeoisie to our favourite tobacco.  Enjoy!
  • Red Star Radio podcast

    Election Fever! German Edition


    Following the recent Federal elections in Germany Michael Burkhardt returned to Red Star Radio to discuss the results.  We talk about the legacy of Merkel, the Greens, the fall of Die Linke, the German version of Tony Blair and the covid regime.  

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