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How to deal with Toxic Criticism - 5 Quranic Ways to Identify & Manage it

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts
We live in a world today where we are constantly judged and criticised about everything and anything. It's no wonder that many of us have come to hold ourselves back from sharing our real thoughts and feelings and hold ourselves back from taking certain decisions and actions- in order to avoid all the hurt. But in doing so we must realise we are actually hurting ourselves. The reality is that the only way we can ever completely avoid criticism is by saying nothing, doing nothing and being no one..which just isn't an option when we only have one shot at this dunya! But the good news is that we can protect our emotional wellbeing whilst still being open to constructive feedback when we learn to distinguish what's actually toxic and what isn't within the feedback we receive. This is important and more difficult then we assume when much of the toxic criticism hurled our way these days are disguised as gifts of unsolicited 'naseeha'/'beneficial advice'. So in this video you will learn 5 key indicators of toxic criticism learnt from the story of prophet Musa (AS) within the Quran, to help you gain more clarity on what’s actually potentially dangerous to your wellbeing, so that you can have more CONFIDENCE to share your true thoughts and feelings more freely and so that you can feel more at peace when making the decisions and taking the actions you want and need to move forward in life inshAllah.    Nasheed by: Hammoud Al-Khader

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