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How free solo climber Alex Honnold faces fear | ReThinking w/Adam Grant

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

In 2017, Alex Honnold did what even the world’s best rock climbers thought was impossible. He climbed to the top of El Capitan– a granite rock mountain more than 3,000 feet high– without a rope, harness, or net. His audacious feat was the subject of the Oscar-winning documentary “Free Solo." On this episode of ReThinking, another podcast in the TED Audio Collective, host Adam Grant explores with Alex what we can learn from his unique approach to managing fear. He opens up about how he regulates his emotions when he’s hanging on by just a few fingers, what still scares him, and how he stays motivated to pursue ambitious goals. For the full text transcript, visit go.ted.com/RWAG2. For more conversations on the science of what makes us tick, follow ReThinking with Adam Grant wherever you're listening to this.

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