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Re-Run: Poetry for Children and Slobs

15 Sekunden vorwärts
15 Sekunden vorwärts

This episode originally aired on August 12, 2021 (listen here).

Poetry can be really delightful, but it can also feel really inaccessible. In this episode, we talked about our favorite poems, how to discover poems you love (and disregard everything else tbh), and then how to find poems that fit your specs. Stick around after the outro to hear our editor Lucas reading some selections.

This episode was produced by Rachel and Sally and edited by Lucas Nguyen. Our logo was designed by Amber Seger (@rocketorca). Our theme music is by Tiny Music. MJ Brodie transcribed this episode. Follow us on Twitter @OhILikeThatPod.

Things we talked about: 

Rachel’s favorite poems:

Sally’s favorite poems:

Poems read by Lucas after the outro:

  • Banyan by Mary Oliver
  • A selection of Japanese death poems from here

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