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Let's Talk in English - Episode 1 - introduction

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Hi everybody! My name is Milo Dvorak, I'm a Czech-based English teacher with an English accent. I teach English at LTIN (short for Let's Talk in English), in Prague, Czech Republic. I've been a teacher for about four years, and I really love my job. One of the struggles my students face is finding the right resources to work with. With so much stuff online, it's tough to choose the right contents. It's a curse but it's also an opportunity as it gives us a variety and options to find the most suitable contents. That said, on this podcast, I'll be talking about my experience as a teacher, about various means of learning the language as well as deepening your knowledge. There'll also be talks on lots and lots of different things that I find interesting; all with the prospect of mastering the English language. If you're interested in taking part in this podcast, leave your comments below, share the podcast, and tag it with #LTIN; a tag I'll be following on Facebook & Instagram ;)

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