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E98 - Michael B. Beckwith: STOP Sleepwalking Through Life, The 4 Steps To Activate Your Highest Potential

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

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This week we are joined by world-renowned spiritual teacher Michael Beckwith, who guides us on a deep journey of awakening and becoming a conscious creator of our own destinies. He illuminates the power of intention as a guiding force in our lives, and explains how by aligning our human will with the divine will we can unlock our greatest potential. He then explores the process of eliminating self-limiting beliefs and seeing through the illusions that hold us back, teaching practical methods to shift any negative thought into gratitude.

Michael reveals what most people are missing in order to truly manifest their desires, outlining the 4 crucial stages to become a conscious creator of our lives. He also emphasizes the importance of clarifying a strong, compelling vision for your life, while addressing the common challenges that arise on the spiritual path. He encourages each person to recognize and harness their own unique gifts, which he says have the power to change the world.

Throughout, Michael masterfully weaves the theme of participating in the unfolding of our destiny, and the transformative power of prayer.

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0:00 Intro

1:50 Waking Up & Becoming a Conscious Creator 

4:30 This is Keeping You Small

7:05 The Power of Intention As a Guiding Force In Our Lives

8:32 Aligning Our Will to the Divine Will

11:29 Eliminating Self-Limitation & Seeing Through the Lies 

14:40 Shift Any Negative Thought Into Gratitude

17:05 The Law of Attraction: What You're Missing

24:38 4 Stages to Become a Conscious Creator 

33:44 You’re Not Losing Your Mind, You're Waking Up

37:59 Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul

44:46 Anima Mundi Herbals: Nourish Your Body & Save 15%

46:33 Clarifying A Strong Vision For Your Life

48:54 Agape & Actualizing the Service of Unconditional Love 

51:48 The Challenges of Spiritual Work 

53:21 Participating in The Unfolding of Your Destiny

58:00 Your Own Unique Gifts will Change the World

1:00:41 Harness the Power of Prayer

1:04:53 Michael Shares a Prayer for Transformation 

1:09:35 How to Pray & Live Your Life as Prayer

1:12:41 Working With Michael Jackson & Other Powerful Individuals

1:16:15 Emerging From Introspection to Make Greater Change

1:17:19 Seeking Guidance from Something Greater 

1:21:34 UAP Phenomenon 

1:22:49 Conclusion 


Michael Bernard Beckwith is the founder and spiritual director of the Agape International Spiritual Center, a transdenominational community in Los Angeles. He is the founder of the University of Transformational Studies and Leadership, and an international speaker and teacher of meditation. Beckwith is a featured teacher in the film The Secret, and also appears in the films Pass It On and Living Luminaries. He has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Larry King Live. Beckwith's books include Inspirations of the Heart, 40 Day Mind Fast Soul Feast, and A Manifesto of Peace.





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