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The Bomb Mom Podcast hosted by Melissa Vogel, a fitness expert with 20+ years of wisdom, mom of three, business owner, a second-degree black belt in Taekwondo, model, actress, and an overall busy mom, inspires both women and men on their own fitness journeys. Melissa knows the journey, having lost 60+ pounds, is now the fittest she has ever been in her life and continues to grow in her mindset and health. The Bomb Mom Podcast is meant for all listeners, to expand their knowledge of what fitness is. Fitness is not just food and hitting the gym. It’s about mindset, finding inspiration, learning self-love techniques, and exploring your emotions. It’s also about being present in your relationships, it’s visualization, it’s fashion, it’s everything that you don’t expect it to be. Melissa covers absolutely all areas of fitness in The Bomb Mom Podcast helping you train your mind to kickstart your body into becoming the fittest version of you. Are you ready?

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