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Starting and Scaling a Shopify SaaS App - in discussion with Noah Tucker founder of Social Snowball

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15 Sekunden vorwärts

Welcome to the first episode of the Appregator Shopify App podcast.  

We’re excited to have Noah Tucker, the founder of Social Snowball ( on the podcast.  

In this episode, Noah speaks about being a non-technical founder in the Shopify app space, emphasizes the importance of finding the right marketing channels for your app, and shares some of his best tips for growth.  

Some of our key takeaways:  

1) You can be a non-technical founder in the Shopify App space.  

2) A Shopify App must pursue multiple marketing channels to optimize their reach.  

3) Influencer marketing (especially on TikTok) is an often overlooked marketing channel and can work well for Shopify Apps.


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