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Episode 15 - The Four Clairs: Clairaudience or 'Clear Hearing'

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This is the last in this four-part series on 'The Four Clairs' I'm talking about Clairaudience or 'Clear Hearing'.

Have you ever heard ringing in your ears?

Well, chances are you probably have at one time or another, some people call them ‘news bells’ where you hear a high pitch ringing in your ear. For some, it may be Tinnitus if it is painful or unbearable noises and tones, but if that has been ruled out or ear wax is the issue and it still happens frequently, then it could be your angel giving you a message instead.

You can get answers in response to questions, either by asking God or the Angels out loud or in your mind. Hold the intention of giving that question to them and trust that you’ll receive an answer. Even if you don’t hear any divine beings answering you, be assured that they can defiantly hear you!

I hope it has given you some guidance and reassurance if you are Clairaudient. And you found it interesting?

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