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There's a footy shaped hole in our hearts, so the boys from "The People's Game" are here to try and fill it each week of lockdown, with a retrospective look at our great game! On the agenda this week: "THE UNWATCHABLE MATCH" - Round 1,1900: St Kilda v Melbourne JB and Gordo deep dive into the almanacs to explore the circumstances that saw St Kilda win their first ever VFL game... via protest! Gordo asks: "If you were Melbourne in 1900 (without any TV evidence) would you be honest about the situation at the tribunal?" before the boys explore the 1900 VFL Finals system that saw Melbourne win the 8-team VFL Premiership from sixth! "THE REWATCHABLE MATCH" - Round 2, 2016: Richmond v Collingwood The Round 2, 2020 clash of these two titan clubs never happened so the boys do a deep dive on the infamous "Grundy Game" including: •What were their lasting memories of this match? •Was this match a precursor of what was to come for each of these clubs? •Who did they miss the most from the 2016 season? •Was this match really a rewatchable? FOOTY BOOK CLUB: Ben Cousins - Coming Clean With no football to fill the TV screens, Channel 7 aired another documentary about Ben Cousins, the boys try to work out why it was made, if it added anything of merit to the Ben Cousins story and what they would have done differently if they were on the production team.

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