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The COVID Chronicles: Day 1 - It Was Acceptable In The 70s

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G'day citizens of The People's Game, and welcome to "The COVID Chronicles" presented by Sporting Chance Magazine. Despite being in the middle of a global pandemic, footy's evergreen debate is raging as strong as ever. What can be done about the "state of the game"? Those in the media will tell us that we need to go back to the "good old days" of knockabout blokes and pack marks - but was footy really better in the old days? In today's episode "It was acceptable in the 70s" JB and Gordo rewatch the 1978 Round 7 clash between St Kilda and Essendon at Moorabbin Oval to see what all the fuss was about footy back in the day... We love to hear your thoughts on what footy means to you in the year 2020. Drop us a line on the Sporting Chance Magazine's Facebook page or on Twitter via @sc_mag_aus

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