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Episode 124: Preparing Your Finances For Having Babies

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In this episode I'm talking with the fabulous Charlotte Jessop of the blog Looking After Your Pennies on how you can prepare your finances for pregnancy, a topic you chose as a community to learn more about.

Charlotte is the financial educator, coach, writer, vlogger and podcaster behind the Looking After your Pennies platform. To follow Charlotte, check out her blog here:

Prior to training as a GP, I used to work in the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. It was common to see women plan every aspect of their pregnancies – right down to the vitamins they took and the delivery they wanted. Women generally attended every scan and every midwife appointment without fail. They prepped their bag for the time of going into labour and meticulously planned every detail. It wasn’t always possible to see them through in exactly the way they had planned, but I did my best alongside an excellent team of doctors and midwives.

To be honest, despite all the medical intervention and planning, I don’t know if preparing their finances for having babies was always at the forefront of this process. And with an estimated 50% of pregnancies thought to be unplanned, this is even more worrying.

Do you need to prepare financially for pregnancy?

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