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Episode 121: Starting A Business – Is It Truly The Path To Build Wealth?

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One of my favourite authors writing about money is Robert Kiosaki. In fact, the first book I ever read was Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It really opened my eyes to what was possible in life when it came to money, and it sparked my interest in this topic.

A while later, I read another of his books, The Cash-Flow Quadrant and I realised that building wealth involved needing to transform what I was doing with my money long term and how I was making money too.

Many people think is that starting a business is what they need to do to make money. This is partially true, but it is the way that you do it which holds the biggest key to success (and less stress!).

I’m going to talk through what I have learnt from this book, and perhaps you’ll want to check it out and read it yourself too!

If you want the video version of this, check out my YouTube channel.

Nikki x

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