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Episode 117: The trap of emotional spending and how to break the addiction

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Robert Kiyosaki calls them "doodads". Vicki Robin calls them "Gazingus Pins". Otherwise known as an unconscious spending weakness.

We all have them.

Be it books, journals, notebooks, scarves, shoes, bags, jewellery, makeup, watches (like my mum), toys for your kids, there will be SOMETHING you can’t resist spending money on.

For me its shoes.

Oh, and journals. I never seem to be able to resist a journal.

Now, in my world, there is nothing wrong with spending money on things we want.

I am ABSOLTELY all about rewarding yourself for a job well done or a goal reached. We celebrate people's wins often in my community.

But what does cause problems is if this celebrating is done without thought or planning. In other words, when we allow our unconscious emotions to guide our spending.

Enjoy my ramble on the subject!

Dr Nikki x

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