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The Follycast Episode 8: Tales From the Folly

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The Follycast Episode 8: Tales From The Folly

In this month’s episode…

…..after reading the first seven novels and still recovering from the climax of Lies Sleeping, we take a sidestep to look at the recently published short story collection, Tales From The Folly.

Whilst we don’t usually enjoy short stories, we do enjoy these tales. A short story collection can be like a box of Quality Street chocolates – a bit hit and miss. So which are the caramel swirls and which are the green triangles?

Along the way we get into a discussion about the birds and the bees of how rivers procreate and suggest some other Rivers characters that could feature in future short stories or novellas. We also reveal the results of our poll of listeners’ favourite stories from the book, which contains some surprises.


Hosted by Margaret Holborn and Richard Marks, with Jan Trott and Jennie Beck

Produced by Richard Marks for Uncertain Smile productions

Theme tune: ‘London Is Inspired’ by Cutwater:

Cover image: Mack Chater (@MackChater)

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Show notes

Moment 4: Christmas Moment

Our theme tune and the rest of Cutwater’s excellent album are on Spotify!

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