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The Follycast Episode 6: The Hanging Tree

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The Follycast Episode 6: The Hanging Tree

In this month’s episode…

… after a magical midsummer sojourn with unicorns and fairies, we are firmly back in London and the hunt for the Faceless Man takes centre stage. Peter and Guleed investigate a drug-related death at a socialite party and along the way encounter shady US agents, Lady Ty floods part of central London and we discover the history of magic from a female perspective.

And yes, Lesley is back and Harrods electrical department is trashed in the process.

We tackle such issues as the collective noun for rich girls, at what point in the book Richard’s head nearly exploded, why Rivers Of London books are easier to read on a Kindle and what any of this has to do with the history of women’s football and the Number 14 bus route.


Hosted by Margaret Holborn and Richard Marks, with Jan Trott and Jennie Beck

Produced by Richard Marks for Uncertain Smile productions

Theme tune: ‘London Is Inspired’ by Cutwater:

Cover image: Mack Chater (@MackChater)

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During the episode we discussed the following:

Nadine’s Map Journal for The Hanging Tree Newton’s Principia When Football Banned Women

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