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#87: The Future of the Brain - Miguel Nicolelis, MD, PhD

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Miguel Nicolelis, MD, PhD is a Brazilian neuroscientist and physician famous for his pioneering work in the field of brain-machine interface (BMI) technology.

Dr. Nicolelis’s extensive research with brain-machine interfaces blurs the lines between real life and science fiction. 

In the episode, we discuss neuroprosthetics, monkeys controlling robots, brain-to-brain communication, and the key implications of these wild, futuristic technologies for us all.

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0:00 | Intro to Dr. Miguel Nicolelis

4:20 | Monkeys Controlling Robots

10:30 | Mirror Neurons & Brain-Machine Interface (BMI)

13:02 | Advances & Applications of BMIs

17:50 | BMIs for Parkinson’s Disease

21:36 | Upgrading the Human Mind?

24:50 | Why Machines Will Never Think Like a Human

29:56 | Brains are Changed by Digital Systems

32:50 | Limitations of Computers

37:07 | How Nature Shaped the Brain

40:15 | We Only Experience a Sliver of Reality

49:45 | Viruses of the Mind

59:30 | Rapid Fire Questions

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