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289: Empowered by Resilience: Miesha Tate's Journey in Women's MMA

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In this episode, Courtney interviews Miesha Tate, a pioneer in women's mixed martial arts. Miesha shares her journey from a young age, where she was inspired by her strong and resilient mother. She discusses her early experiences in wrestling and how she discovered her passion for mixed martial arts. Miesha also emphasizes the importance of mindfulness and being present in one's life. She highlights the significance of understanding female hormones and setting boundaries to optimize performance and well-being. In this conversation, Miesha Tate and Courtney discuss various topics related to women's health and hormones. They emphasize the importance of open dialogue and understanding between men and women. They also explore the impact of female hormones on the body and how to manage cravings and indulgences. The conversation highlights the need for setting realistic expectations and practicing self-compassion. They discuss the power of breathwork and mindfulness, as well as the importance of micronutrient testing and optimizing vitamin D levels. The conversation concludes with a focus on prioritizing self-care and finding success in setting boundaries. Takeaways Find inspiration in strong and resilient role models. Embrace ambition and passion to achieve greatness. Practice mindfulness and be present in your daily life. Understand and work with your body's natural rhythms and hormones. Open dialogue and understanding between men and women is crucial for better relationships and support. Managing cravings and indulgences during hormonal changes is important for overall well-being. Setting realistic expectations and practicing self-compassion can lead to a healthier mindset. Prioritizing self-care, including breath work and mindfulness, can improve overall health and well-being. Optimizing vitamin D levels and addressing micronutrient deficiencies can have a positive impact on health. Finding success in prioritizing self and setting boundaries leads to a more fulfilling life. Chapters 01:54 Early Influences and Ambition 05:27 Discovering Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts 10:31 First Fight and Defining Moment 16:14 Support and Belief in Herself 22:15 Practicing Mindfulness and Being Present 29:08 Understanding Female Hormones and Setting Boundaries 38:03 Advocating for Herself and Training According to Female Biology 44:10 Understanding Women's Health and Hormones 45:19 The Importance of Open Dialogue and Understanding 46:17 The Impact of Female Hormones on the Body 47:18 Managing Cravings and Indulgences 48:39 Setting Realistic Expectations and Practicing Self-Compassion 49:37 Creating Margin for Grace and Enjoying Treats 51:11 The Power of Breath Work and Mindfulness 52:09 Exploring Micronutrient Deficiencies and Testing 53:01 Using Cod Liver Oil for Vitamin A and D 55:13 Alternative Testing Methods for Nutrient Deficiencies 57:20 The Importance of Vitamin D and Using the D-Minder App 59:54 Mindful Showers and Meals for a Better Quality of Life 01:01:19 Tracking HRV and Optimizing Recovery 01:04:04 The Impact of Nutrition on Hormones and Weight Management 01:05:33 The Role of Creatine in Workouts 01:07:59 Prioritizing Self-Care and Load Management 01:13:24 Teaching Children the Importance of Self-Care 01:17:45 Finding Success in Prioritizing Self and Setting Boundaries Links:  Follow Misha on Instagram : @mieshatate * Try Quantum Upgrade FREE for 15 days with code “ANCIENT” at Want more of The Ancient Health Podcast? Subscribe to the YouTube channel. Follow Dr. Josh Axe Instagram Follow Dr. Chris Motley Instagram Follow Courntey Bursich Instagram

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