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288: Healing Chronic Skin Issues Through Lung Detoxification

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On this episode of the Ancient Health Podcast, Dr. Motley delves into the connection between chronic dry skin and skin conditions like eczema, acne, or rashes with the health of the lungs. He explains how lung infections such as walking pneumonia, strep, staph, or parasites can be underlying causes. Dr. Motley discusses the correlation between these physical symptoms and emotions like unresolved grief or a death conflict. He highlights the interconnectedness of the skin, organs, and emotions, emphasizing the importance of addressing lung health for skin issues. Chapters: 01:35 Chronic dry skin and lungs. 06:21 Skin infections and effects. 08:18 Hidden lung infections. 12:55 Lung issues and nail instability. 5:02 Lungs responding to psychological stresses. 20:07 Lung energy and acupuncture. 22:03 Healing trauma through neurofeedback. 24:32 Herbal remedies for lung infections. Links: For a LIMITED TIME, get 24% OFF Probiotics Trinity from Ancient Nutrition with code DRAXE24. —--- Follow Dr. Josh Axe Instagram Follow Dr. Chris Motley Instagram Follow Courntey Bursich Instagram Want more of The Ancient Health Podcast? Subscribe to the YouTube channel.

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