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282: Cracking the ADD/ADHD Code: Exploring Roots and Remedies

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This mini episode explores the topic of ADD and ADHD, discussing the prevalence, diagnosis, and comorbidities of these conditions. The conversation highlights the role of environmental toxins in the increase of ADD and ADHD cases, as well as the impact of toxic exposures in utero and early childhood. The importance of testing for nutrient deficiencies and addressing genetic factors is also emphasized. The episode concludes by providing resources for support and solutions. Takeaways: ADD and ADHD are common conditions, but there is limited conversation around the reasons for their prevalence and how to address the root causes. Environmental toxins play a significant role in the increase of ADD and ADHD cases. Children with ADD and ADHD are often susceptible to comorbidities such as autism, mood disorders, and substance abuse disorders. Testing for nutrient deficiencies and addressing genetic factors can provide valuable insights and guide targeted therapies. Chapters: 00:00 Introduction to ADD and ADHD 01:14 Prevalence and Diagnosis of ADD and ADHD 03:58 Comorbidities of ADD and ADHD 04:41 Studied Contaminants: Lead, Phthalates, and BPA 07:57 Toxic Exposures in Utero and Early Childhood 09:26 Testing and Nutrient Deficiencies 10:20 Genetics and Epigenetics * For a LIMITED TIME, get 24% OFF Multi Collagen Advanced Lean Capsules and Powder and ALL Multi Collagen Advanced products with code DRAXE24 * Try Quantum Upgrade FREE for 15 days with code “ANCIENT” at  Healthy Children Project Bio Ray Queen of Thrones  Follow @thehealthinstitute on Instagram! Follow Dr. Josh Axe Instagram Follow Dr. Chris Motley Instagram Follow Courtney Instagram

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