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281: Optimizing Emotional and Physical Health: Insights with Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Josh Axe

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Dr. Joseph Mercola discusses the link between emotional wellbeing and physical health with Dr. Josh Axe. They explore the root causes of mental health issues, including the impact of energy production in the brain. They also emphasize the importance of sunlight and vitamin D for mitochondrial function and overall health. Additionally, they discuss the top nutritional deficiencies, such as vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, and choline. Finally, they highlight the significance of balancing collagen and muscle-building proteins for optimal health. In this conversation, Dr. Joseph Mercola shares valuable insights on various health topics. He emphasizes the importance of glycine and connective tissue in the diet, highlighting the benefits of bone broth for pets. Dr. Mercola also recommends crushed egg shells as a supplement for dogs. He discusses the dangers of glyphosate and provides strategies to avoid it. The best exercise for health is walking, and Dr. Mercola explains the importance of mobility movements for neck issues. He emphasizes the significance of grip strength for longevity and explores the connection between health and consciousness. Lastly, he encourages individuals to learn to think critically and seek the truth while prioritizing cellular energy, sun exposure, and avoiding propaganda. Order Dr. Axe’s NEW book: Think This Not That at TODAY! Takeaways There is a strong connection between the body's ability to create cellular energy and mental health. Sunlight exposure is crucial for optimizing vitamin D levels and supporting mitochondrial function. Top nutritional deficiencies include vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, and choline. Balancing collagen and muscle-building proteins is important for overall health and longevity. Include glycine and connective tissue in your diet for optimal health. Bone broth is a beneficial food for pets, providing essential nutrients. Crushed egg shells can be a valuable calcium supplement for dogs. Avoid glyphosate and other harmful chemicals to protect your health. Walking is an excellent exercise for overall well-being. Mobility movements can help address neck issues and improve health. Grip strength is a powerful indicator of longevity. Health and consciousness are interconnected. Develop critical thinking skills and seek the truth. Prioritize cellular energy, and sun exposure, and avoid propaganda for optimal health. Chapters 01:30 Root Causes of Mental Health Issues 11:32 The Impact of Sunlight on Mitochondrial Function 22:18 Top Nutritional Deficiencies 30:30 The Importance of Choline and Collagen 34:49 Balancing Collagen and Muscle-Building Proteins 35:24 The Importance of Glycine and Connective Tissue in the Diet 38:30 The Benefits of Bone Broth for Pets 39:52 The Supplement Dogs Need: Crushed Egg Shells 41:42 The Dangers of Glyphosate and How to Avoid It 45:18 The Best Exercise for Health: Walking 48:08 Addressing Neck Issues with Mobility Movements 50:02 The Importance of Grip Strength for Longevity 52:37 The Connection Between Health and Consciousness 55:16 Learning to Think and Seek the Truth 59:02 The Basics of Health: Cellular Energy, Sun Exposure, and Avoiding Propaganda 01:00:09 Activating the Body's Innate Intelligence for Health Want more of The Ancient Health Podcast? Subscribe to the YouTube channel. Follow Dr. Josh Axe Instagram Follow Dr. Chris Motley Instagram Follow Courntey Bursich Instagram

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