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280: Realigning the Body: Unlocking the Secrets of Nervous System Reset

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In this podcast, Dr. Motley discusses how to reset the nervous system. He explores the retraining of the upper cervical spine, the role of organs in spinal alignment, and the importance of organ cleansing. Dr. Motley shares his personal experience with whiplash and neck misalignment and explains the concept of viscerosomatic reflexes. He also highlights the significance of acupuncture points and meridians in resetting the nervous system. Additionally, he discusses the role of neurologically based chiropractic and neurological techniques in brain reset. The podcast concludes with a reminder to investigate organ function and infections to maintain spinal alignment. Takeaways The spine and nervous system are constantly adapting to stressors and environmental stress. Chronic spinal misalignment can be caused by trauma or events that throw the nervous system out of place. Organ dysfunction can lead to muscle weakness and spinal misalignment. Acupuncture points and meridians play a role in spinal alignment and organ function. Resetting the nervous system can be achieved through organ cleansing, joint alignment, and neurological techniques. Chapters 00:00 Introduction: Resetting the Nervous System 01:24 Adapting to Stressors and Environmental Stress 02:24 Chronic Spinal Misalignment and Trauma 03:26 Personal Experience with Whiplash and Neck Misalignment 04:26 The Role of Organs in Spinal Alignment 05:56 Viscerosomatic Reflexes and Gallbladder Dysfunction 06:54 Acupuncture Points and Meridians 08:23 Gallbladder Dysfunction and Neck Muscles 10:52 Resetting the Nervous System through Organ Cleansing 11:48 Associated Points in Chinese Medicine 13:40 Muscle Weakness and Organ Dysfunction 15:30 Muscle Work and Acupuncture Points 17:07 Resetting the Nervous System through Joint Alignment 20:25 Parasympathetic Nervous System and Upper Cervical Spine 22:43 Neurologically Based Chiropractic and Brain Reset 24:33 Resetting the Nervous System through Neurological Techniques 25:29 Organ Cleansing and Spinal Alignment 27:55 Investigating Organ Function and Infections 30:15 Conclusion: Maintaining Spinal Alignment Links:  * Try Quantum Upgrade FREE for 15 days with code “ANCIENT” at  * For a LIMITED TIME, get 24% OFF Multi Collagen Advanced Lean Capsules and Powder and ALL Multi Collagen Advanced products with code DRAXE24 Want more of The Ancient Health Podcast? Subscribe to the YouTube channel. Follow Dr. Josh Axe Instagram Follow Dr. Chris Motley Instagram Follow Courntey Bursich Instagram ------

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