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279: Purging the Poison: The Secrets & Science behind Sweat

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In this episode, Courtney and Dr. Motley discuss the influence of toxins on the body and the strategies to eliminate them. They emphasize the importance of sweat as a detoxification pathway and how it can effectively mobilize toxins. The conversation covers the sources and types of toxins in our environment, the role of organs in detoxification, and the challenges of cleansing and detoxification. They also highlight the coherence between toxicity and tissue and the significance of supporting the body's healing and detoxification processes. The episode concludes with a discussion on utilizing infrared saunas for gentle and effective detoxification. In this conversation, Dr. Motley and Courtney discuss the healing power of infrared light therapy and the effectiveness of infrared saunas for detoxification. They share personal experiences with red light therapy and highlight the importance of investing in health. They also emphasize the benefits of using saunas with multiple wavelengths and the value of Sunlighten saunas. The conversation concludes with a reminder about the importance of controlled sweating and a discount code for Sunlighten saunas. Takeaways Toxins are a threat to our health and can contribute to various health challenges. Sweat is a powerful detoxification pathway that can effectively mobilize toxins. Supporting the body's healing and detoxification processes is crucial for effective detoxification. Infrared saunas are a gentle and effective way to promote detoxification. Chapters 00:29 Understanding Toxins and Their Influence on the Body 01:21 The Importance of Sweat in Detoxification 04:30 The Sources and Types of Toxins in Our Environment 05:16 Toxic Relationships and Their Impact on Health 07:11 Toxins as Drivers of Disease and Health Challenges 08:38 The Role of Organs in Detoxification 09:54 The Importance of the Skin as a Detoxification Organ 13:19 The Coherence Between Toxicity and Tissue 15:11 The Buildup of Toxins in Organs and Tissues 19:01 The Role of Sweat in Detoxification and Mobilizing Toxins 20:06 The Preferred Pathway for Detoxification: Sweat 22:32 The Importance of Supporting the Body's Healing and Detoxification Processes 25:27 The Bust Study: Sweat as an Effective Detoxification Pathway 30:32 Utilizing Infrared Saunas for Gentle and Effective Detoxification 36:22 The Healing Power of Infrared Light Therapy 39:15 Personal Experiences with Red Light Therapy 41:15 The Effectiveness of Infrared Saunas 45:22 The Importance of Using a Sauna with Multiple Wavelengths 48:28 The Benefits of Infrared Saunas for Detoxification 53:59 The Importance of Investing in Health 57:12 The Therapeutic Effects of Infrared Saunas 01:01:23 The Importance of Controlled Sweating 01:05:00 The Value of Sunlighten Saunas Want more of The Ancient Health Podcast? Subscribe to the YouTube channel. Links:   * Save up to $600 on your Sunlighten Sauna with the code AXE. Visit to save!  * Get $300 OFF Airdoctor air purifiers at with promo code AXE! Follow Dr. Josh Axe Instagram Follow Dr. Chris Motley Instagram Follow Courntey Bursich Instagram

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