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278: Seed Oils Exposed: The Impact on Health and Disease

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In this mini-episode of the Ancient Health Podcast, Courtney delves into the history of seed oils and their impact on health. Exploring how seed oils have been demonized in recent times, the conversation provides insights into the evolution of our food supply in the industrialized world. By connecting the dots between the introduction of seed oils and the rise in chronic diseases like cancer, the episode raises awareness about the potential health consequences of modern food production practices. Tune in to unravel the origins of seed oils dating back to the 1800s and gain a deeper understanding of their implications on our well-being. 00:00 - Introduction to Seed Oils History 05:30 - Birth of Crisco and Vegetable Oils 09:19 - Evolution of Seed Oils in Food Supply 13:08 - Impact of Soybean Oil Consumption 15:18 - Effects of Seed Oils Consumption 17:45 - Strategies to Avoid Seed Oils 20:20 - Importance of Knowing Which Oils to Use 27:06 - Advocating for Informed Consumer Choices Try Quantum Upgrade FREE for 15 days with code “ANCIENT” at  For a LIMITED TIME, get 24% OFF Ancient Nutrition Probiotic Trinity with code DRAXE24. Follow Dr. Josh Axe Instagram Follow Dr. Chris Motley Instagram Follow Courntey Bursich Instagram Follow @thehealthinstitute on Instagram!  Join Our Newsletter!

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