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277: Healing from Within: A Journey of Transformation with Jordan Rubin

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In this episode of the Ancient Health Podcast, Dr. Josh Axe welcomes Jordan Rubin, co-founder of Ancient Nutrition and bestselling author. Jordan shares his inspiring journey of healing from various health issues, including Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, and cancer. The discussion delves into gut health, vitamins, and supplements, exploring their impact on overall well-being, from hormones to the brain. Tune in to learn about effective supplements, ingredients to look for, and how gut health influences the body's systems. 01:07 Jordan's healing journey from illnesses. 05:25 A journey of healing. 08:50 Inflammatory bowel disease discussion. 15:06 Clay for gut health. 19:22 Mindset and positivity. 21:50 The power of mindset medicine. 24:40 Prebiotics like polyphenols and Trafala. 29:31 Postbiotics and gut health. 35:27 Essential supplements for a desert island. 37:54 Synthetic vs. Whole Food Vitamins. 41:35 Fortified spirulina with minerals. 46:27 Whole food vitamins and minerals. 52:49 Balancing protein for longevity. 54:45 Amino acids and lifespan. Get 15% off the BON CHARGE Sauna Blanket with code “AXE” at BONCHARGE.COM/AXE Ancient Nutrition: Instagram Follow Dr. Josh Axe Instagram Follow Dr. Chris Motley Instagram Follow Courntey Bursich Instagram

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