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267: Exploring Ancestral Health and Optimal Footwear with Mark Sisson

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Mark Sisson inspires listeners with his holistic approach to health, emphasizing the importance of foot health through barefoot walking and innovative footwear that connects us with the earth. He shares his journey from a strict paleo diet to adopting a flexible, keto-ish lifestyle, focusing on protein and intuitive eating for metabolic flexibility. Mark advocates for eliminating harmful processed foods while embracing whole, real foods and sustainable animal proteins. His message is clear: living in harmony with nature and listening to our bodies is key to achieving optimal health and well-being, encouraging a personalized path to wellness that’s both fulfilling and sustainable. Topics Discussed: 01:16 Mark's journey and ancestral health. 04:07 Foot health and minimalist shoes. 07:41 Quality of barefoot shoes. 15:12 Benefits of going barefoot. 18:12 Thick cushioned running shoes. 23:26 Dietary philosophy evolution. 27:54 Salt controversy. 29:20 Dietary advice and intuitive eating. 33:36 Food sensitivities and allergies. 39:19 Regenerative agriculture and beef. 43:51 Mark's dietary philosophy. 45:43 Carnivore diet and nutrition. 50:06 Aging and fitness. 54:32 The struggle for weight loss. 58:07 Importance of sleep and walking. 1:00:26 Primal Blueprint and Peluva shoes. 1:02:50 Mark's impressive health journey. Follow Mark on Instagram: @marksissonprimal @primalkitchenfoods @theprimalblueprint  @primalhealthcoach Check out Peluva Footwear: @wearpeluva Use code AXE for 15% off @ Mark’s Daily Blog:  Mark’s Daily Apple: Follow @thehealthinstitute on Instagram:  Follow @drjoshaxe on Instagram Join Our Newsletter!

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