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266: Harnessing the Power of the Sun for Optimal Wellness

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In this episode of the Ancient Health Podcast, Courtney discusses the importance of the sun in our lives. Courtney shares her personal love for the sun and how it affects her mood. The hosts dive into the benefits of sunlight, including its role in vitamin D production and mood regulation. They also introduce the BonCharge brand and highlight one of their favorite products, the Infrared Sauna Blanket, which offers numerous health benefits like calorie burning and detoxification. If you're looking for natural ways to optimize your well-being, this episode is a must-listen. Topics Discussed: 01:12 - Welcome to the Ancient Health Podcast 01:34 - The Importance of Sun Exposure 02:38 - Health Risks and Benefits of Sunlight 04:33 - Circadian Rhythms and Light Therapy 05:37 - Vitamin D and the Microbiome 07:12 - Healing Effects of Light Therapy 08:26 - The Rise of Disease and Indoor Living 09:09 - Understanding UVA and UVB Rays 13:09 - Benefits of Infrared Saunas 14:19 - Light Through Windows and Circadian Rhythms 15:32 - Study on Lifeguards and Skin Microbiome 18:04 - Choosing Safe Sunscreen and Sun Exposure Tips 20:09 - Understanding Skin Cancer Statistics 23:04 - Lifestyle and Disease Prevention 24:39 - Concluding Thoughts on Sun Exposure 26:23 - Closing Remarks by Dr. Axe SHOW LINKS & REFERENCES Get 15% off the BON CHARGE Sauna Blanket with code AXE at BONCHARGE.COM/AXE Save up to $600 on your Sunlighten Sauna with the code AXE. Visit to save!   Follow @thehealthinstitute on Instagram!  Join Our Newsletter!   Follow our Hosts on Instagram: @organic_blondie, and @doctormotley Matt Maruca episode

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