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263: The Power of Food and Feelings: Bethany Cameron's Inspiring Story

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In this episode of the Ancient Health Podcast, Courtney and Dr. Motley engage in a deep and informative conversation with Bethany Cameron. Bethany shares her personal journey through severe health challenges, emphasizing gut health and holistic recovery. Key topics include the impact of diet on health, emotional connections to eating, and practical tips for overcoming digestive issues. Topics Discussed: 05:00-06:00: Bethany discusses her initial health struggles. 10:00-11:00: Conversation about the importance of diet in health. 15:00-16:00: Bethany's experiences with food sensitivities. 20:00-21:00: The role of emotional well-being in physical health. 25:00-26:00: Bethany's approach to dietary changes. 30:00-31:00: Discussion on holistic treatments. 35:00-36:00: The impact of family support on Bethany's journey. 40:00-41:00: Strategies for managing digestive health. 45:00-46:00: Reflections on health and wellness. Try some Honey With Superpowers™! Head to to get 3 FREE Gifts with your Starter Kit - a $25 value! Try Bethany's recomnded Digestive Support Protein Powder and supplement HERE  Follow Bethany @lilsipper on Instagram! Check out the Digest This podcast Find Bethany on Social Media TikTok YouTube Check Out Bethany's Cookbook! My IBS friendly cookbook Bethany's Pantry Follow @healthinstitute on Instagram!  Join The Health Institute Newsletter!

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