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262: Unveiling the Truth Behind Food Labels: What You Need to Know

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In this mini episode, Courtney delves into the topic of food regulations and specifically compares the differences between food labeling regulations in the United States and Europe. The episode explores how the ingredients listed on food labels can vary between countries, even if the product is manufactured by the same company. The host highlights the shorter ingredient lists commonly found in European food products compared to their American counterparts. The focus is on educating listeners about these differences and ensuring they are aware of what they are buying, especially when traveling abroad. The episode also mentions that food regulations in the United States are established and enforced by the FDA, which is responsible for protecting public health. 00:32 Differences in food labeling. 03:24 Chemical additives in food. 07:13 Synthetic colors and preservatives. 11:26 Chemical additives in food. 15:10 Europe's stricter food regulations. 18:43 Microplastics in our food supply. Follow @thehealthinstitute on Instagram!  Join Our Newsletter!  Follow our Hosts on Instagram: @organic_blondie, and @doctormotley

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