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# 31. Mikkel & Toni - The RevOps revolution and the bowtie funnel

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In this episode, we had the opportunity to dive into the world of revenue operations with Toni Hohlbein, a seasoned professional and co-founder of Growblocks. 

Toni highlights the evolution of RevOps from basic system management to a crucial element of strategic planning, focusing on the significance of understanding the sales funnel, leveraging data for decision-making, and aligning technology with business needs. He delves into the challenges and opportunities within RevOps, such as optimizing resources, navigating growth phases, and the importance of cross-functional collaboration for achieving revenue targets.

The discussion also touches on the future of RevOps, including the integration of AI technologies and its role in shaping business strategies.


In todays episode we cover:

0:00:06 Introduction to Revenue Operations

0:01:53 Transition to Growblocks and Personal Story

0:04:39 Definition and Scope of Revenue Operations

0:06:17 Need for Revenue Operations Integration

0:08:08 Importance in Changing Funding Environment

0:11:46 Challenges and Misconceptions of Revenue Operations

0:14:31 Pillars of Strategic RevOps Function

0:18:34 RevOps: Connecting Departmental Insights

0:22:04 Process Anchor and Live Software Benefits

0:24:15 Providing Informed Actionable Advice

0:27:59 Emergence of Revenue Operations in B2B

0:45:38 Planning and Forecasting Challenges

0:46:37 Future Paths for Revenue Operations

0:50:07 Strategic Role of Revenue Operations

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