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#30. Mikkel & Brian - Translate marketing strategy to execution with a marketing operating model

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In this discussion, Mikkel and Brian explore the evolution of marketing operating models, emphasizing the shift from traditional teams to the complex landscape of today. They highlight the importance of a formalized operating model as a bridge between strategy and execution, enabling organizations to align frameworks with strategic goals. The conversation also focused on integrating IT expertise, adopting agile methodologies, and adapting to market dynamics to drive innovation and efficiency in marketing operations. 

Additionally, they discussed the transition to multidisciplinary teams, the challenges of global and local marketing alignment, and the evolving field marketing landscape towards specialization and collaboration. The episode concluded with insights on incremental changes, collaborative practices, and problem-focused strategies for successful organizational transformation in the modern marketing environment.

In todays episode we cover:

0:00:19 Introduction to Marketing Operating Model

0:02:05 Components of a Marketing Operating Model

0:03:48 Critical Need for Marketing Operating Model

0:09:53 Customization and Complexity in Operating Models

0:14:34 Impact of New Capabilities on Marketing Department

0:20:19 Shift from Factory Line to Cross-Functional Teams

0:26:01 Growing Trend of Insourcing Capabilities

0:28:49 Rethinking Agency-Client Relationships

0:30:18 Reinventing the Collaboration Model

0:40:25 Global and Local Alignment

0:51:12 Organic vs. Formal Operating Models

0:53:08 Avoiding Pitfalls in Implementation

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